At P&Q, we understand that high quality, well designed tooling results in high quality products, efficient material use and longer tool life. In addition, P&Q's proactive tool maintenance program ensures optimal performance, reliability and longevity.

When it comes to tooling, we employ innovative and considered methods every step of the way.

Whether we are outsourcing a tool build, manufacturing tooling in-house or even adapting an existing tool which is not running as it should, P&Q will make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

 In-house sheet metal mould & tool build

● In-house pressure die-casting tool build

Tool build outsourcing and management

Existing tool alterations and repair

● Tool maintenance and evaluation

Jigs and fixtures

---- CNC machining fixtures

---- Powdercoat masking jigs

---- Product specific jigs and fixtures

---- Pressure testing and verification jigs

Tooling lifetimewarranty

P&Q provide customer’s tooling with lifetime warranty. Once payment by customers, P&Q will be responsibility for the all tooling maintain and repair cost.

P&Q tooling with 100, 000 life span normally. If the orders is over the 100, 000 pcs. P&Q will make a new tooling when necessary and will not charge any tooling fee from customers.

P&Q’s range of casting options is extensive; creating products ranging from 7 grams to 30 Kilograms. Our casting range utilizes half automated high-pressure die-casting machines, low-pressure gravity machines, hand-poured molds, and everything in between.

We offer high strength, highly durable hardened steel dies as well as single-use, investment sand casts. Our range of automation allows highly precise and repeatable castings, along with the ability to allow our skilled casters to inject their artistry into each casting. Put simply: if it needs to be cast we have the skill & technology to cast it. P&Q is a good alternative for your option.

Post time: Dec-28-2020