Sheet metal

Sheet metal

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P&Q do not have a sheet metal factory, but could also provide the sheet metal parts according to customers requirements. Small to large size, mainly in lighting and street furniture application.

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P&Q do not have a sheet metal or CNC factory, but could also provide the sheet metal parts according to customers requirements. Small to large size, have been widely use in lighting and street furniture, etc application.

Delivering Cost-Effective Solutions

A contract manufacturing service provider can relieve you of the hassle of identifying and verifying suppliers – particularly offshore suppliers.

Contract manufacturing companies with offshore experience can more quickly identify a supplier who can best meet your needs. They know which companies possess the capability to manufacture your parts, have visited and audited the production facilities, and know which suppliers have the best track record for quality and on-time tooling and production.

P&Q’s strength comes from relentlessly diversifying the industries served, the customer base, the geographical footprint, the sourcing strategy, and the commodity reach. P&Q can reduce your cost, decrease your inventory requirements, and cut lead times.

Identifying Suppliers

The P&Q supplier management process utilizes sourcing agents and quality engineers. We source manufacturing suppliers based on quality, delivery time, and price. Our criteria for suppliers include ISO certification, advanced manufacturing facilities, a proven ability for the capability promised, engineering resources, QA, and on-time production. All P&Q suppliers must pass our own stringent audit for manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance. They are also required to demonstrate quality and delivery capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

Advantages of CNC Machining

Lower costs for labor and materials

Part consistency

Increased accuracy

Rapid prototyping

Complex shapes easily achieved

Tight Tolerances

Speed of production

Materials used for CNC Machining



Ductile Steel

Grey Iron

Stainless Steel



Carbon Steel


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